Have you seen the range of services offered by the DWG? With a 21-year history in informing, educating, engaging and inspiring the public about the Phytophthora Dieback issue and working to protect the natural environment through our work towards best-practice management of the disease, the DWG has a lot to offer for those seeking awareness, engagement, education or training about the disease and its management. The DWG now offers a range of services that can be delivered as requested and taoilred to suit your specific audience. 

Recent upgrades to our award-winning Discovering Dieback program and our Green Card Training Program through the State-NRM funded Self-Sustainable DWG project mean that we're able to offer the most up-to date resources devloped in partnership with Government, industry and community.

Services currently offered by the DWG include:

  • Phytophthora Dieback awareness/ informational talk
  • Phytophthora Dieback engagement through an event
  • Discovering Dieback program
  • Discovering Dieback extended porogram
  • Green Card Training: Biosecurity Hygiene
  • Phosphite treatment basic training

More info about services on offer can be found on here https://www.dwg.org.au/about-the-dwg. A list of services and current charges can be found here Services_offered_by_the_DWG_and_current_charges_v1.0.pdf

DWG Activities